How to prepare for a job interview if you have not been working during Covid

If you have been unemployed during Covid and now have a job interview I give you my 100% guarantee that either directly or indirectly interviewers are going to ask you what you have been doing during the crisis.
No one is asking you to be “unsafe” however what you have been doing during the crisis as it relates to work can be used as a big bonus for you, and if you haven’t been doing anything now is the time to start! 
According to Dawn Graham ( Employment Expert and author of the career transition book “Switchers), “What employers value more than anything today are employees who are agile, resourceful, and continuously learning. Regardless of your title, be that person and you’ll always land on your feet.”
If you have been upgrading your skills during Covid, the Interviewer will gain or “infer” valuable positive information about you.  Most likely that you are resourceful, a go-getter and that you adapt well to changing environments.
In an interview if you were asked what you have been up to the past year and you said  something along the lines of: ” I researched what was happening in the economy and what skills and training would be useful to companies and so I took online training in those areas”. 
That is powerful. 
Note researching and then taking action is ideal to share in a job interview because it speaks to you “seeing the big picture” and being useful and ‘ adaptable’ and gives the interviewer the impression that you will be easy to train and a quick contributor.
When you take action like this it shows what I refer to as “inferred” or unspoken” strengths”. You come across as wise, intelligent, self-motivated, up for challenges and useful !   Your actions speak louder than words!
You show up as the  type of person that sees the big picture and is ready to hit the ground running and contribute to the company’s bottom line or to the organization’s success. ( key needs of  employers in 2021). 
If you spend this time only watching Netflix, then the employer will draw inferences from that as well.
So if you have not been taking action now is the time to start. Lots of Colleges and Universities are even offering their courses for free! “” is offering 3 month certification programs ( in areas that employers want) for only $47 /month).
So take action, you will feel better, and it will give you confidence, momentum, and something positive to talk about in an interview!
David Prystawa 

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