Last impressions! How to increase your chances of getting the job offer by leaving the interviewer with a great last impression!

So a lot has been said about creating a positive first impression in a job interview and I agree that it is really important. What I have not heard  spoken about is how important it is to leave a good” last” impression!

Research has shown that people tend to remember first and last impressions in in person interactions the most. That is not to say that the rest isn’t important, however you can gain major points with the interviewer by hanging in to the end and leaving with a great 20 second statement ( sort of like a commercial) about yourself (when appropriate),

It is important to note that you want to leave the interview with a  good “last impression know matter if you think the interview has gone well or not.

The content of your commercial is some skill, or training, or technical skill that you have not mentioned so far in the Job interview.

You don’t want it to be your most powerful ability ( because that you want to mention in the “strengths” or “tell me about yourself” questions), however still  something that is relevant to the company or organizations needs and would be an asset to them.

So let us say that you are at the end of a job interview and you get the sense that things haven’t gone as well as you would have liked, this is when you put in your 20 second statement ( i.e. your “mini” commercial).

So how do you know when you are at the end of the interview and how do you insert your statement/commercial? Well usually it is when the interviewer asks:” do you have any questions for me?” That usually indicates the interview is ending.

So the strategy is to have some questions prepared for the “do you have any questions for me” question and then after you have asked your questions and got the answers  say something like: “Oh by the way I forgot to mention that I also have ____skill/ability etc to offer.

You say that in a polite, professional and upbeat manner and smile when you are doing it and let them finish the interview.

The concept behind this is based on people remembering first and last impressions, it is also based on the concept of changing someones mind by offering more information to tip the scales in your favour.

In sales instructors/ trainers often talk about how a prospect never changes their mind unless they are given new information i.e. a new offer.

So have some “new information” prepared and in your “back pocket”

So that you can leave that powerful last impression!

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