Two Important Keys For Reducing Your Anxiety In A Job Interview

The first key is to understand the “setting” you are in. The second  key is to prepare to succeed in the interview “setting”.

The first thing to know about a Job Interview is that it is not a discussion. It is full on a presentation and you are the presenter. 

There are many aspects of a job interview that are not congruent with normal societal interactions and that is one of the reasons we get anxious in a job interview.

It is  an office setting  and someone is asking you a list of questions and and it seems pretty normal on the one hand and on the other it is not because  usually in the middle to it that person will ask you questions like: “what is your greatest weakness” or where did you and your last boss disagree?”.

Those are not questions people normally ask you if you just met them at a  party etc and of course those particular (“negative”)  questions feel counterintuitive (and they are) so know wonder we get anxious!

It is best to think of an interview like a Hollywood set. If you are watching a show and it is people in a coffee shop remember  that the set has only three walls. Where the other wall would normally be is a camera crew, a director etc. It is a TV set and the actors are not having a discussion , they are presenting what they have practiced and rehearsed. 

So what will relieve your internal pressure is remembering that this is a challenging situation. Think of it like going on a ride at the fair. What grounds you when you  are 100 feet up in the air is the knowledge that although it is scary, you are on a ride and you are safe, and the fear you are feeling is natural and appropriate to the situation. 

The second key to a job interview is preparation. You are not there to “think” of answers , or try to remember what accomplishments you had in the past , or how you functioned as part of a team. You are there to present what you have prepared as it is relevant to that company’s culture, needs and goals ( just like an actor “presenting” their “lines”). 

When you are prepared you will be  less anxious and feel feelings like confidence, excitement etc which the interviewer will pick up on. 

You can do it!  

David Prystawa

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